Islamic Financial and Shariah Compliance Consultations

  • Shariah Board Setup and Support: Assisting clients in establishing an independent Shariah board or committee, including selecting qualified scholars, defining their roles and responsibilities, and providing ongoing support and guidance.
  • Shariah Compliance Framework Development: Developing a comprehensive framework and policies that align with Shariah principles, covering all aspects of the organization’s operations, including product development, governance, risk management, and ethical standards.
  • Shariah Compliance Monitoring and Reporting: Establishing systems and procedures to monitor ongoing compliance with Shariah principles, conducting regular audits, and providing comprehensive reports to management and stakeholders.
  • Shariah Compliance Advisory Services: Offering ongoing advisory services to assist clients in navigating complex Shariah compliance issues, addressing inquiries, and providing guidance on emerging Shariah-related matters.
  • Regulatory Compliance Alignment: Ensuring that clients’ operations and practices comply with relevant regulatory requirements and guidelines in addition to Shariah principles, facilitating smooth regulatory audits and interactions.