Financial Auditing and Control under the COSO

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Program Goals:

  • Familiarize participants with the concept and components of the internal control system
  • Developing participants’ skills in applying the COSO model
  • Familiarize the participant with the formation of internal audit departments to perform the tasks of financial and administrative control
  • Familiarize the participant with international auditing standards for accounting and financial control, their importance and applications
  • Providing the participant with the necessary skills to write accounting and financial control reports


1- The concept of oversight
2- Elements of the financial and administrative system of the establishment.
3- The concept of internal control.
4- Basic components of the internal control system.
5- internal means of control.
6- Evaluation and examination of the internal control structure.

  1. Genesis of the COSO Committee.
  2. COSO goals.
  3. A Common Concept of Internal Control.
  4. Create an integrated framework for internal control.
  5. The three dimensions of internal controls according to COSO.
  6. COSO internal controls.
  7. COSO Amendments in the Integrated Framework of Internal Control.

1- What is internal audit
2- The importance of internal audit
3- Types of internal audit
4- Modern methods of internal auditing
5- Planning internal audits
6- Internal audit report

1- The role of the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) in developing the auditing profession
2- The emergence of international auditing standards and the purpose of issuing them
3- Types of international auditing standards
4- Challenges facing the auditing profession after the issuance of international auditing standards

1- The most important contents of the internal auditor’s report
2- What are the beneficiaries of audit reports?

This program is designed for:

  • Financial auditors in auditing and internal control departments in business organizations and their assistants
  • Directors of departments and heads of audit and financial control departments
  • Risk management managers in business organizations
  • Auditors working for government oversight agencies